First Conditional – Conditional Sentences: I want to watch Pokemon! (English / ESL Video)

First Conditional – Conditional Sentences: I want to watch Pokemon! (English / ESL Video)

Synopsis of English / ESL Video

Teach first conditional (conditional sentences) with this lighthearted video about a day in the life of a girl & her father, set for pre-intermediate level classes.

Title of English / ESL Video

I want to watch Pokemon!

Target English Grammar

First Conditional:
– Conditional sentences / conditional clauses
– If clause + result clause / clauses of result
– Also known as:
– condition clause + consequence clause
– subordinate clause + main clause / other clause
– dependent clause + independent clause.

Student Proficiency Level

Pre-intermediate level grammar

Suggested Courses

General English


– Play the video in class after delivering warm-up activity first.
– Pause the video whenever the narrator asks students a question to give students time to answer. For example, after elicitations and concept checking questions (CCQs).

Summary of English Grammar: First Conditional – Conditional Sentences

Approximate chronological order:

1st Conditional:

– Elicitation of target grammar.


– We use the 1st conditional to talk about a possible event or situation, in the present or the future, and its result or consequence.


– Possibilities and uncertain events and situations with results and consequences.
– Example 1: If I miss the bus, I’ll catch a taxi.
– Example 2: If we miss the bus again, I’ll be late for my favourite show!
– Future plans and invitations: If the weather’s good tomorrow, we’ll go to the park.
– Offers and promises: If I finish my work, I’ll watch Pokemon with you.
– Negotiations: If you help me make dinner, I’ll help you with your homework.
– Threats and warnings: If you keep acting like this, you’ll be grounded for a week!
– Polite requests: If you’ll give me a moment, I’ll be right there sweetie!

1st Conditional Forms:


– If clause, + result clause
– Also known as, condition clause + consequence clause, or subordinate clause + main clause / other clause.
– If + any present tense, + any future tense.
– Most common form: If + present simple, + future simple (with “will”)
– Example: If + I miss the bus, + I’ll catch a taxi.

Using “Unless”:

– We can also replace “if” with “unless” in the if clause.
– Example: Unless I miss the bus, I won’t catch a taxi.

Switching the Positions of the Clauses:

– Result clause + if clause
– I’ll catch a taxi if I miss the bus.
– No comma when the result clause comes first.

Yes/No Questions:

– If + present simple, + will + subject + verb (base form)
– Elicitation from students.
– Example: If + you miss the bus, + will + you + catch a taxi?
– Short Answers:
– Yes, I will.
– No, I won’t.
– Elicitation from students.

Open Questions:

– If + present simple, + wh-/how + will + subject + verb (base form)
– Example: If + you miss the bus, + how + will + you + get home?
– Elicitation from students.

Summary of Functions and Uses

Concept checking questions (CCQs)

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