Second Conditional – Conditional Sentences (English / ESL Video)

Second Conditionals – Conditional Sentences (English / ESL Video)

Synopsis of English / ESL Video

Teach learners about second conditionals (conditional sentences) using this creative & engaging animated ESL video for intermediate level classrooms.

Title of English / ESL Video

Second Conditionals

Target English Grammar

2nd Conditionals:
– Conditional sentences / conditional clauses
– If clause + result clause / clauses of result
– Also known as:
– condition clause + consequence clause
– subordinate clause + main clause / other clause
– dependent clause + independent clause.

Student Proficiency Level

Intermediate level grammar

Suggested Courses

General English


– Play the video in class after delivering a warm-up activity first.
– Pause the video whenever the narrator asks students a question to give students time to answer. For example, after elicitations and concept checking questions (CCQs).

Summary of English Grammar: Second Conditionals – Conditional Sentences

Approximate chronological order:

Rules and Explanations:

– Elicitation of target language.


– To talk about hypothetical or imaginary situations in the present or future and their consequences.

Specific Uses:

– Elicitation of target language.
– To express desires: If I were rich, I’d buy a big house.
– In 2nd conditionals, we use were after any pronoun in the if clause.
– Using was in informal language is still perfectly fine.
– To give advice: If I were you, I’d buy a new phone.
– For short we can just say the result clause: I’d buy a new phone.


– could = would be able to
– Example: If I spoke Greek, I could ask Sophia out.

If only…:

– We use If only… to say that we want things to be different.
– It has a similar meaning to I wish…, but with a stronger emotion.
– Example 1: If only I were rich, I’d buy a big house!
– Example 2: If only I spoke Greek, I’d ask Sophia out!
– We often say this without the result clause.
– Example 1: If only I were rich!
– Example 2: If only I spoke Greek!
– We don’t use If only… for giving advice. We only use it to express desires.

Concept Checking Questions (CCQs)


– If clause, + result clause
– If/Unless + past simple, + would + verb (base form)
– If + I ate everything, + I’d + get fat.
– If + I were you, + I’d + buy a new phone.

Switching Clause Positions:

– Result clause + if clause
– I’d get fat + if I ate everything.
– I’d buy a new phone + if I were you.

Summary of Functions and Uses:

– To talk about hypothetical or imaginary situations in the present or the future and their consequences.
– To express desires.
– To give advice.

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