Passive Voice & Active Voice: Top 5 UFO Conspiracy Theories (English / ESL Video)

Passive Voice & Active Voice: Top 5 UFO Conspiracy Theories (English / ESL Video)

Synopsis of English / ESL Video

Wake up from the matrix & see the truth about UFOs. Teach intermediate learners passive voice & active voice using this eye-opening ESL video about UFO conspiracy theories.

Title of English / ESL Video

Top 5 UFO Conspiracy Theories

Target English Grammar

Passive voice and active voice. Also known as, passive tense and active tense.

Student Proficiency Level

Intermediate level grammar

Suggested Courses

General English


– Play the video in class after delivering a warm-up activity first.
– Pause the video whenever the narrator asks students a question to give students time to answer. For example, after elicitations and concept checking questions (CCQs).

Summary of English Grammar: Passive Voice and Active Voice

Approximate chronological order:

Passive Voice and Active Voice:

– The active tense focuses on the doer.
– The passive focuses on the action.
– Passive form: be + past participle + by
– We can add by to say who did the action.
– The passive can come in a variety of tenses.

5. Area 51:

Present Simple:

– Area 51 is commonly believed to be a top secret US army research base for alien technology.
– Even though the US government denied the existence of Area 51, aircrafts are forbidden to fly over the base.

Past Simple:

– In 2013, the existence of Area 51 was finally officially acknowledged by the CIA.

4. Roswell:

Past Simple:
– A UFO crash site was discovered.
– We can add the location of the event at end of the sentence when it is important.
– A UFO crash site was discovered at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico.
– We can add the date of the event either in the beginning or at the end of the sentence.
– A UFO crash site was discovered at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.
– We can also add other important contextual information. In this case, the doer is not included, because it is not important. However, we can add it at the end of the sentence.
– A UFO crash site was discovered at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 by an army personnel.

Past Continuous:

– By the time the media arrived, the crash site was already being covered up.
– The doer is not mentioned, because it is obvious who the doer is: the US government.

Present Perfect:

– Since then many photos of alien bodies found at Roswell have been leaked.
– The doers are not mentioned, because they are unknown.

3. JFK Assassination:

Past Simple:

– On 22nd November 1963, American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated.

Past Perfect:

– Coincidentally, JFK had been assassinated before he received the UFO documents.
– The doer is deliberately left out, because the focus of the sentence is on the topic and not the doer. The topic of the sentence is: JFK’s assassination before receiving the UFO documents.

Present Present:

– Today, many UFO documents have been declassified. However, they show no evidence of the existence of UFOs.

Future Simple (going to):

– Many theorists hope that one day more prominent documents are going to be declassified.

2. Illuminati:

Present Continuous:

– The world is being secretly controlled by a secret society called the Illuminati.

Future Simple (will):

– Many theorists hope that one day the Illuminati will be exposed.
– The doer is left out, because it is not important or not interesting. The action or the act of exposing the Illuminati is more important than who will do it.

Summary of Passive and Active:

– The active tense focuses on the doer.
– The passive tense focuses on the action.
– Form: be + past participle (+ by)
– We can add the location, date and other important information at the end of the sentence.
– Use the passive tense when:
– the doer is unknown.
– the doer is not important or interesting.
– the doer is obvious.
– the doers are people in general.
– the focus is on the topic of the sentence or the action.
– The passive tense is more formal and less personal than the active tense as it focuses on the action and topic; and not the people. It is common in scientific, technical and academic writing.
– The passive comes in a variety of tenses:
– present simple.
– present continuous.
– present perfect.
– past simple.
– past continuous.
– past perfect.
– future simple (will).
– future simple (going to).

#1 UFO Conspiracy Theory: The Hollow Earth Theory

– Instruct students to identify the passives and their tenses.
– Present simple: An alien race is believed to live in the centre of our planet.
– Past perfect: After Adolf Hitler had been defeated in World War 2, he escaped to the centre of the Earth.
– Present perfect: This is why Hitler’s body still has not been found.
– Past simple: This operation was codenamed Operation Highjump.
– Present continuous: …the results of this operation is still being covered up.
– Past simple: …the naval fleet was attacked by unknown aircrafts.
– Although the doers are unknown, they are important, so they are mentioned. It also emphases the fact that the doers are unknown.
– Past continuous: They were destroyed while (they were) being readied for battle.
– Future simple (will): Hopefully, the results of this operation will be declassified in the future.

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